PhD Course @ Aalborg University (21-22 September 2023; Copenhagen, Denmark): THE VALUE OF CROSS-DISCIPLINARY DIALOGUE: JOURNEYING BETWEEN DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT RESEARCH (2023)

The PhD Course titled “The value of cross-disciplinary dialogue: Journeying between design and management research” brings together management scholars and design researchers and particularly welcomes those PhD students who work cross-disciplinary within design and/or management, e.g., using and integrating theories, conceptual frameworks, and methods originating from different disciplines


DATES: 21 September 2023 – 22 September 2023

LECTURERS: Luca Simeone, Lea Holst Laursen, Rike Neuhoff, Beatrice D’Ippolito, Claudio Dell’Era

PLACE/VENUE: Aalborg University – Campus Copenhagen

ECTS: 2 points

More information about the course is available at the following link: