AOM 2023 PDW: Student Entrepreneurship: Methodological Challenges and Research Opportunities for the Entrepreneurship Field

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce the 2023 AOM PDW on Student Entrepreneurship. If you doing research on student entrepreneurship or if you are curious to know more about the field, this PDW is designed for you. The PDW will also host a very interactive session, in which known scholars of the field will mentor authors interested to develop a paper on student entrepreneurship. A more detailed outline of the PDW is available here.


The PDW consists of two activities:

(1) Presentation by esteemed panelists

(2) Round table discussion and individualized mentorship by an experienced scholar. The second activity requires registration. Please send an extended abstract (max 3,000 words) and your CV by the 1st July to


Distinguished Speaker: Philippe Mustar – Mines Paris – PSL U.

Distinguished Speaker: Philipp Sieger – U. of Bern

Session Chair: Tommaso Minola – U. of Bergamo

Organizer: Davide Hahn – U. of Bergamo

Discussant: Mirjam Knockaert – Ghent U.

Discussant: Vangelis Souitaris – Bayes business school and U. of St. Gallen

Discussant: Elizabeth Lyons – UC San Diego